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    Would I be able to get this dress at any store in the state of Utah? If there is this dress in the state of Utah which store is it at? Would I be able to get this dress before March 22nd?

    By: Alexandrea Wayne - Feb 22, 2014


    We are in China.We just sell dresse online.
    If you order the dress online,we can have you receive the dress before March 22nd.

    By: Customer Service Center - Feb 22, 2014

  • Question:

    I would love to have this dress for my prom, but doesn't seem like I can have it because this dress is not in my state. Would there be anyway that this dress could get shipped to a Utah store?

    By: Alexandrea Wayne - Feb 18, 2014


    You can order it online,then we make and ship it to you.
    When do you need the dress?

    By: Customer Service Center - Feb 19, 2014

  • Question:

    If you could add removable straps to this dress it would be very beneficial to me as I am graduating in this dress and for the dance I don't want to be falling out of it.

    By: Jesseeka - Oct 26, 2012


    Yes,we can add straps.Please send us picture to show us what kind of strap you like.

    By: Customer Service Center - Oct 26, 2012